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Custom cartridge fixture system

Interchangeable product testing

For customers that wish to test multiple products and save space, we have recently announced a new custom cartridge fixture system.  It features a base unit that is sized to your requirements, and an interchangeable cartridge unique to each product.  Cartridges are easily changed out and are connected to your choice of internal breakout boards or mass interconnect system on a removable back panel.  Cartridges are available in single or double-sided probing options and can be highly customized or basic as each product demands.  Features like LED detection, mechanical or automated switch actuation, edge probing, and safety interlocks can be added as needed.

Cartridge fixture system includes:

  • Custom enclosure size

  • Custom UUT size 

  • Single and double-sided probing

  • Linear collapse over-clamp

  • Custom back panels

  • Cam-follower closing system

  • Enclosed clamp


  • Polycarbonate top plates (clear) / Tinted clear top

  • Scanner / Camera Mount

  • Safety Interlock Microswitch or Industrial

  • LED detection

  • Automated switch actuation

  • Edge probing

Contact us to discuss options and pricing.

GVA cartridge
Blackline Safety
Fixture system base
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