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Design and Fabrication Solutions

Our services include CNC milling, drilling, and engraving, as well as FDM printing in multiple filament types to support your rapid prototyping needs.  We have the ability to create complex tight-tolerance parts from aluminum and many other materials using our top of the line CNC machine.

CNC Machining Services

  • Panels, housings, and enclosures  

  • Rapid prototyping  

  • Precision micro hole drilling

  • Small molds

  • Instrument panels   

  • And much more...

Emergent Rack
Emergent Rack
Emergent Rack
Various precision parts
19" Test Rack
Custom quick disconnect
  • Quick connects and disconnects

  • Custom interfaces

  • Connectors and adapters 

  • Negative PCB mold 

  • Display mounting, casings, and covers

  • And much more...

3D Printing Services

3D fixture parts
Custom quick connect
Custom 3D printed programmer
Custom power connectors
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