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PCB Test Fixture Kits and Customized Fixtures

Mirotech-Emergent manufactures portable benchtop PCB test fixture kits and provides customized test fixture solutions for the electronics industry. Our innovative, streamlined designs are compact in size and feature a linear collapsing system, interchangeable and reusable plate design, top and bottom probing, and are affordably priced.  

All fixtures are built using high quality hardware and materials and manufactured using the DATRON M8Cube, known for its precision and accuracy.  ​Each of our custom designs are unique to our customer's particular project requirements. Fixture kits come pre-assembled, and include blank plates ready for you to drill your test pattern.

Why choose Mirotech-Emergent

  • Over 20 years experience creating custom test fixtures

  • Innovative fixture design including a linear collapsing system, interchangeable and reusable plate design, and top and bottom probing

  • High quality materials used in all fixtures

  • Excellent customer service

  • Quick turnaround

  • Affordably priced

Technical details

Fixtures are made with Arboron, an industrial strength laminate with good electrical and mechanical properties. It's a non-conductive material with a dielectric strength of > 50 kV/m per ASTM D149. We use only high quality

QA Technology Company, Inc. probes in our fixtures. 

Contact us today to discuss your project and testing requirements. 

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